Why I Ran for Office

Life depends on fertile soils and clean water. In the past, we have not always been mindful of this as we’ve polluted our waters and land. The pollution that flows out of Anoka County and into the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers contributes to the dead zone found in the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the products and processes we employ on our lawns, in our gardens, on our farm fields, are contributing to the loss of precious topsoil both through erosion and destroying its fertility, causing the die off of bees and other pollinators, and contaminating the surface and ground water.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We can choose sustainable products and processes that allow us to live lives in harmony with nature so there will be abundant natural resources for future generations. We can work together as a community to preserve what is left, protect what is threatened, and restore that which is damaged.

This is why I ran–I want to serve my community and contribute towards cleaning up our environment and protecting it from further abuses. Serving on the board of the Anoka County Soil and Water Conservation District will allow me to advocate for the formation and implementation of policies to protect, preserve, and restore our soil and water.